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Lips – Pencil drawings by Christo Dagorov

Originally posted on e-MORFES:


Creative pencil drawings of lips by Switzerland-based illustrator Christo Dagorov.

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Trees Are Alive

Originally posted on wadingblueheron:

Trees Are Alive

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Katzenjammer – I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)


Füge hier deine Gedanken hinzu… (optional)

Originally posted on Steffs Musikblog:

ganz unten das offizielle Musikvideo. Super!

In our cold and empty house
I lingered now for far too long
I vainly held the rosary
To pray you’d stay with me a while

But nothing seems to keep me here
The way it used to do before
This time it’s me that’s leaving you
I’ll never turn around

Cause when the laughter’s gone
I know I must be moving on

And I will dance when I walk away
Oh, I’m gonna sing
I won’t beg or pray
I will dance when I walk away
Oh, I’m gonna sing
I won’t beg or pray
No more

(Verse 2)
I’m standing at the crossroads now
The fields of opportunity
I’m ready to go anywhere
I’m full of hope and full of fear

And bridges back have all been burned

And freedom has been duly earned
I’ll remember why I’ve gone

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Yin and Yang of Patents

Originally posted on Business Of Software:

This is one of my recent conference presentations on both sides of patents and innovation, I call them yin and yang of patents. (Click below image or use this link)


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Chandelier Transforms a Room Into a Spooky Forest | DeMilked

Originally posted on digger666:


forest tree shadow chandelier by hilden & diaz (image: courtesy demilked)

forest tree shadow chandelier by hilden & diaz (image: courtesy demilked)

Chandelier Transforms a Room Into a Spooky Forest | DeMilked.

The text to this piece finishes asking if we can “imagine one hanging in your house”.  Not only can I imagine one hanging in my home, I can imagine making my own.  How about you?

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Innovative Fast Food Packaging Concept: The Future Of Takeaway?

Originally posted on The Jar Online:

Have you ever struggled with the door or your phone because you had your takeaway in one hand and a cold drink in the other?

This new innovative design could change the future of fast food by removing all that hassle.

It combines your burger, fries and drink into one nifty little package.

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Creative Product Distribution Brings Hope of Clean Water: Inventor Dean Kamen Connects with Coca-Cola

Originally posted on Marketing World Today:

First I tried the international medical companies and even the U.N., but they weren’t the right fit for the product. Then it occurred to me that there’s only one organization that can get a product to any village in the world: Coca-Cola.  Dean Kamen in Fortune interview.

Dean Kamen & Slingshot water purification machine. Photo:

Dean Kamen & Slingshot water purification machine. Photo:

Where do good ideas come from?

Inventor Dean Kamen wanted to bring his water purification system to the people who need it the most in the developing world.

He found that a traditional analysis of product distribution partners did not generate the solution he desired.  Only when he turned the challenge on its head and looked at it differently, did the right outcome emerge.

Kamen needed an entity that already operated in the remote geographies he wanted to reach, and he wasn’t deterred that such a company didn’t neatly fit the definition of a small machine distributor.

By broadening the process by which he assessed his options…

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