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Mirjam Wanner goes into the deep forest…


Ich gehe in den Wald hinein

Ich bin im Dickicht gelandet. Umgeben von Hölzern, Gräsern, Moos und Tannengeäst tun sich Wege auf, um im nächsten Augenblick wieder zu verschwinden. Formationen von Gestrüpp verführen mich und schicken mich weiter, neue zu entdecken. Phantasien, Phantasmen, Geräusche, Geknacke, geheime Wege und Verstecke. Alles ist möglich. Rastlos verweile ich hier. An diesem verrückten Ort, wo niemand ist ausser mir und ein paar wilden Tieren.

Filmbeitrag von SF Schweiz Aktuell

Soundtrack anhören…

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Bob Dylan – Tales From a Golden Age! legends and myths surrounding the early life and career of Bob Dylan are so ingrained in the fabric of Rock musics history that getting to the truth is no mean feat. Tracing his career up to the point of his 1966 motorcycle accident and subsequent disappearance from the spotlight, this DVD uncovers a side of Bob Dylan never revealed before. Made in association with Dylan fanzine ISIS, this DVD includes extensive interviews and rare footage. Many rare photographs never seen before, from private archives, are also included as is rare Dylan film footage.

Happy Birthday! BOB!

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Chris Daughtry on MyTree.TV

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It took a while but now it is here the interview with American Idol season 5 fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry:

Generic Interview für Sony BMG Schweiz

It was recorded 2009 @ the hitmill studios in Zürich…

Daughtry “No Surprise”

With many thanks to

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Miss Bern Wahl 2011!

Wir möchten uns bei Sabrina Ackermann ganz herzlich dafür bedanken, dass sie mit einem Kurzinterview unterstützt:

Sabrina Ackermann – Miss Bern Kandidatin 2011

Miss 1 an Nr.: 9234 (-.70 pro SMS)

Bäume sind leben!

Und wenn Ihr noch nie einen Baum umarmt habt, dann wirds aber höchste Zeit! Werde ein TREEhugger und erzähle uns von Deinen Erfahrungen…

Coiffeur Barbara Buff
Furkastrasse 18, 3904 Naters
Telefon 027 923 47 89
oder 078 818 13 58


Interview with Jean-Claude Biver, CEO Hublot is quite tricky sometimes. Due to noise-signals from mobile phones – so-called smart-phones – the audio-quality of the video-interview with Mr.Biver did not meet our quality requirements. We are terribly sorry that we can show you the interview in Text-Form only. But hey! Why shouldn’t we read an interview in text-form from time to time? We might discover the message between the lines…

By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH

There are lots of things about your person written in the internet. I would like to ask you some new questions.

Please ask.

First of all I would like to make a visual test. What do you see on this picture?

I can see a tree.

Don’t you see more? Take your time, you have to consider it more precisely.
I can’t see more.

Sometimes there is more there, than you think you see.
Bring the white scope into your focus. Imagine, that the stars are eyes…
Oh yes, and the hands..
So you have you seen it? Oh yes! What is this test for?
There are people, which look at this picture and they just can see the tree.
It’s good to see the tree and it’s good seeing the hands protecting the tree.

We call it „The Tree-Spirit“. My first question is about creativity: Did you ever hear something about polar clock. It looks like this:

What do you think about the polar clock? Can it be a creative way to see the time?
Yes of course, it’s a creative way of seeing the time. It’s a trial to show time differently, you know, why should time always be shown by two hands or three hands and why not? Yes, I think, it’s also interesting because it chooses colors. Color is emotion. It is a creative and a different way to show the time. The colors are attractive. Color is emotion.
That’s true, you have plenty of colors in your watches.
Yes, because I love colors. For me the color is one of the biggest pleasure I have in life. What I really enjoy is the air and color.

So, what is your favorite color?

My favorite color is., well it depends. For my dresses it is blue. Ok, I don’t wear blue today. It doesn’t mean because blue is my favorite color, that everything has to be blue, but I like blue. And then I also like green.

In fact, blue and green are the two dominant colors on planet earth. Green is the color of the forest, blue is the sky and the sea. What else do we have on planet? That’s it. So somehow I like the two basic colors of the planet.

Let’s speak about symmetry. I have a question concerning the screws on your watches.

The screws can never be symmetric, because they are screws and screws have a function and they have a technique of function. Like in an engine, like in a Ferrari engine for example. If you look at a Ferrari engine the screws are just ending up, where they are and the screws cannot be.

The screw at 12 cannot be like this and the screw at 3 like this, this is impossible in technology. Unless you make it look like a screw, but in actual fact it is a nut, the screw is then on the back. And then you make something aesthetic that looks like a screw and where is the technology?

Technology is as it is.


Then my next question is: What is more important? Beauty or technology?
Technology is important and the truth is important, you cannot hide it. If you put the screw, that is not the screw but a nut.

Isn’t there a way to put the screws in a way that looks more symmetric or why not remove them?
No, it’s not interesting to try to do it. Because there are technical screws and every watch is different in that sense.
The first time I have seen your watches at the airport in Geneva I thought that it’s impossible for me to wear such a watch. It would disturb me to read the time.
It is because you are very precise, you are a very symmetric man and you are quite a lot influenced from the North, from Germany and you are like some of the German guys, they gave me this remark… (laughing).

Is it a national thing, actually?
It is more. It depends. 90 % of the people, who ask the question „Can’t we change the screws…“ came from Germany or German countries or Swiss German. But again, you will never be able to fix the screw on a certain position.

Well what about “never say never”?.
No, we don’t even want to try. Because we don’t see the sense in that and then it doesn’t look natural.
Speaking about your business. You have plenty of things, that you import/export, are you concerned a little bit about the CO2 production that you make worldwide with your business?
Not really.

Why not?
Because it’s not significant. We don’t import so much from outside and when we import from outside, it’s mostly from Germany or France. And there are no long distances to negotiate and it’s very small in volume. So if you send a letter or a little package with 10’000 screws in it it’s not very significant. But the fact is, we have no volume, no reasons to be heavily concerned and to make studies about the CO2.
What about supply chains. Do you know, where the material is coming from?
Not always. When we buy gold from the UBS, we don’t really know where it comes from. When we buy platinum also from the UBS, we don’t really know where the platinum comes from. When we buy diamonds, we have the Kimberly certificate, but … how do you know, that they are not from blood diamonds or if there is something wrong with the certificates. You have terrorist people entering countries with wrong passports, so today you have fake money, today you have fake watches… Today you can only try it, but you can never give a full security.
Are Chinese people already trying to copy your watches?
Thanks God, I hope so, they must! It is a must.

If people copy your watches it is a sign of success.

You measure your success by two elements: the numbers of copies and how many people are jealous of your industry. If you drive the industry mad because they are full of envy and full of jealousy and you have a lot of copies, then you know, that you are successful. Laughing. No copies, no success.
Speaking about the trees. You use rubber, I mean Kautschuk. Is that right?
Yes. We use it for the wrist-band.

Where does it come from? Malaysia.

And how is it produced? Have you been there? No, I’ve not been there.

And can you make sure that there is no child labour?
It is produced from a Swiss company, it belongs to us. It belongs to Swiss people. And they bring the rubber from Malaysia. That is all I know.

Do you know „newTree“? No.

Well, I have a little gift for you. So you will never forget it anymore. There it is. It is a „newTree“-cap from  from the Non-Profit-Organization , they plant trees in Africa among many other things. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for wearing it. You show, that you like gifts.
I show, that I want to help and I show that I care.

That’s fantastic. I appreciate that. I would like to congratulate you for the César Award. I was quite impressed by the words you said in Bukarest.
Thank you.
Do you remember, what you have said?
Yes, of course.

“The whole life is now running just for one goal, to leave your trace”, is it correct?

Of course. Your life is there to work for the trace. And you should live to two traces: one trace is the trace of love, and anybody who dies and has left the trace of love I’d say, his life is a 99 % success. If in addition to this trace of love, which is the most important (99 %), if in addition to the trace of love, he can live the trace in his (of) business, in his activity.. Whatever he did, his life was a 100 % success. So, I reckon you should leave one trace of love and one trace in your occupation or your business.

Do you think, that there is already a little trace coming?
For me? Yes, for me I’ve a trace in my business, already, not very deep, I still have to work. And then there is a trace of love. (That I know).

While I was in the waiting room, I discovered “Les Hublotins”.
Ah, yes, the kindergarten.
So, offering a childcare service in work life lies at your heart?
Yes, for every employer, but also the people who are living in the area. It’s not only for our own people, of course they have a priority, but the service is for the region as well. We have to contribute to the region.

This is very impressive. Speaking about the future of Hublot and the sustainability. Where do you see Hublot in five years?
I see the enterprise where it is today, but with some new performances, in the watch making art, new performances in the materials, innovation, creativity, Hublot must always try to be the first, always try to be different, to be unique. If we can maintain this: be the first, be different and be unique, in five years we will be more successful, more important and stronger. And that it is, what I wish for Hublot, to become stronger and stronger and to keep this policy.

The book is available as audio-book.

Do you intent to make more watches?
No, to be stronger, to have more innovation, creativity, quality, awareness, reputation, exclusivity. Prestige is not a link to quantity. But the quantity is the consequence of all that. So we don’t foresee necessary high increases in quantity, we see increase in the creativity, increase in the prestige, increase in quality not quantity and as a consequence we see an increase of turnover more from the qualitative side then from the quantative side.
I would like to give you one more gift in order to reach your goal. Do you know Mr. Seth Godin? He wrote a book called: „Linchpin“ This is an audio book, as you travel a lot, you can listen listen it during your flights or while you are travelling. You can have an idea about his way of thinking. This is a big thank you for the interview.
Excellent. Thank you.

Thank you for this interesting interview and for your support.
Dankeschön, merci beaucoup.

After the interview with Mr. Biver Meichtry Stefan started a brand-new blog called

Please have a look and learn more about Hublot, Time-Management, Marketing and Innovation.

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Dechen Shak-Dagsay – The Story of Jewel

Auf ihrem neuen Album «JEWEL» ist es Dechen Shak-Dagsay zusammen mit ihrem Produzenten Helge van Dyk auf verblüffende Weise gelungen, traditionelle tibetische Mantras mit westlich geprägten Rhythmen und Klangfarben zu verbinden. Die Schweizer Sängerin mit tibetischen Wurzeln konnte sich mit «JEWEL» weit vorne in der Schweizer Hitparade platzieren. Sie hat mit dem Mantra «Vajra Guru» eine neue Singleauskopplung ausgewählt, das wie alle anderen Mantras auch dem Schutz vor negativen Kräften dient und Menschen Glück bringen soll. Es ist dem grossen indischen Meister Guru Padmasambhava gewidmet, der im 8. Jahrhundert den Buddhismus nach Tibet brachte. Diesem Mantra sagt man enorme Wirkungskraft zur Harmonisierung der vier Elemente von Erde, Wasser, Feuer und Wind zu.

Am kommenden Samstag, 26. Februar 2011 ist Dechen Shak-Dagasay Gast bei der Buchhandlung Weyermann, in Bern – Autogrammstunde ab 14.00 Uhr .

Composed: Helge van Dyk, Dechen Shak-Dagsay
Publishing: (Suisa)

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Ryuichi Sakamoto-Energy Flow!

Ryūichi Sakamoto (jap. 坂本 龍一, Sakamoto Ryūichi; * 17. Januar 1952 in Nakano, Tokio) ist ein japanischer Komponist, Pianist, Produzent und Schauspieler.Er bewegt sich in verschiedensten musikalischen Genres wie Jazz, (Neo-)Klassik oder (Avantgarde-)Pop und hat einige Filmmusiken komponiert.



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2011 Just “Another Year”ühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter. Familie und Freunde. Liebe und Wärme. Freude und Trauer. Hoffnung und Verzweiflung. Gemeinschaft. Einsamkeit. Eine Geburt. Ein Todesfall. Die Zeit vergeht…

a film by Mike Leigh

British director Mike Leigh is hoping to win his second Palme d’Or prize at this year’s Cannes festival. His latest film, “Another Year”, enters the competition on May 15th.

Maybe you have seen this movie by Mike Leigh already:

Isn’t quite a lot out there just like a tree?

MyTree.TV  proudly announces the brand new Tree-Shirt-Shop:

Hoodies & Sweatshirts ~ Men's Hoodie ~ I'm with supid

There are just a few products right now.

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Seven – unplugged!

CD-Cover: Seven - UnpluggedIm November 2010 wird Seven mit seinen Studiomusikern in 10 Tagen sieben exklusive Konzerte geben. Anstatt das erlesene Publikum von 250 Gästen pro Show in einen Saal zu setzen, finden die einmaligen Konzerte mitten in einer 200-jährigen Giesserei statt: In der vonRoll-Giesserei in Emmen und Emmenbrücke. Zwischen Hochöfen und Stahlträgern, Gussformen und Eisenteilen wird ein einzigartiges Erlebnis der Extraklasse geschaffen. Dresscode: Black Tie.  

Mittwoch 17.11.2010
Donnerstag 18.11.2010
Freitag 19.11.2010
Montag 22.11.2010
Dienstag 23.11.2010
Samstag 27. 11.2010
Montag 29.11.2010

Interview mit Seven:


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Wood of value!

Wood of Value is an observational documentary about the journey one spruce tree makes from the forests of Norway to the city of London. The annual tradition of sending a Christmas tree across the North Sea has been maintained for more than 60 years and is to this day very much alive:

Photo of the filmmakers:

From left; Bjorn Bratberg, B-camera operator Ben Jones and sound recordist Sara Lima
From left; Bjorn Bratberg, B-camera operator Ben Jones and sound recordist Sara Lima

Interview with Bjørn Bratberg ( Director)

TM: Who are you?

My name is Bjørn Bratberg. I am a freelance cinematographer (cameraman), based in London. I work on various projects, from film drama and documentary to music videos and commercials. Originally, I am from Norway, but I studied film in London between 2000-2005 and started to find work here, so I stayed.

TM: Why did you make the movie about a christmas-tree?

As I live in London, I have walked past the Norwegian Christmas tree many times during December every year. The tree has historical and political roots a long way back – since the 2nd world war. For the average Norwegian, I think that the Trafalgar Christmas tree is tremendously important. As much as we like to maintain traditions and focus on generosity and friendship, Norwegians like to think about themselves as people who is close to nature. The fact that we appreciate spending time in free nature ourselves, adds to the importance and value of the ‘gift’ we are giving to the people of London.

For the idea of the film; I just thought it would be interesting to see a piece of nature, brought from is native environment across the sea to the London city centre. It would be the tradition of the Christmas tree, just on a larger scale. Why do people bring a piece of nature in to their own home?

Also for the film; the contrasting environments (forest, sea, city) seemed very interesting – not to forget the mentality of people and the difference of culture.

TM: Did you use an old camera or was it a digital treatment for some of the scenes?

Regarding the shooting format used (camera type); it was mixed. The majority was 16mm film, but some 35mm film and super 8 mm film. The journey of the tree (across the sea) was filmed on digital video.

The idea with the different formats was to create a different feel to each of the stages of the tree; the day when they cut the tree on 16mm film. Film has a very ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ feel, which I thought suited the forest setting. Also, I wanted to create a certain sense of timelessness or nostalgia – the tradition/gesture of sending a tree to London has been going on for over 60 years (which shooting on film will give you).

For a few sections we also used the super 8mm format, which has a very rough look. I used it to create a sense of memory – how you remember what happened long ago and to create a nostalgic mood.

It was a matter of pure practicality that the journey of the tree was filmed with digital video, but the clean and ‘scientific’ look seemed to suit the environment of the ship etc.

The last part of the film, with the small newsreel (again to create a sense of timelessness) and the portraits pf people at Trafalgar Square, was filmed with 35mm film – the grandest of film formats – to celebrate the end of the journey for the tree.

TM: What is your opinion about killing trees just for the celebration of Jesus Christ’s-birth? (Well, they needed some wood for the cross anyway…)

As I said above, the tradition of Christmas trees is an odd one. But if it can get people to appreciate the beauty of nature more or bring them out of the ‘comfort-zone’ of the modern society – I think it’s good. Humans are also a part of nature, I think a lot of people forget that.

TM: Do you think your work will change this world? Why and how?

Hehehe… no I don’t think so. But for those who have watched this film: Next time they see a Christmas tree, they might start thinking about where it comes from, how many years old it is and how it was transported. You might see the tree more as a piece of nature rather than purely a Christmas decoration.

TM: What’s your next project?

I am working on an idea about Brazilian football and ideology/mentality of people.

TM: Where are you going to plant a Tree?

My family has a cabin in the Norwegian mountains. We had to clear some trees when we added a section to the cabin. But we need to plant some new spruce trees around it now!

TM: Thanks for your answers and keep it green!

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is typically a 50- to 60-year-old Norway spruce, generally over 20 metres tall.[2] The tree is cut sometime in November during a ceremony attended by the British Ambassador to Norway, Mayor of Oslo, and the Lord Mayor of Westminster.[2] After the tree is cut it is shipped to Great Britain by sea.[2] At one time it was shipped to Felixstowe free of charge by a cargo ship of the Fred Olson Line.[1] As of at least 2007 the tree was shipped across the North Sea to Immingham by DFDS Tor Line.[3]

The Trafalgar Square tree is decorated in a traditional Norwegian style and adorned with 500 white lights.[4] In 2008, the tree utilized low-wattage halogen bulbs which used 15 amps (3.5 kW) of power.[4]



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