Climate Justice!

Climate Justice!
By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH 13.12.2009

Yes, the 7th of december
is a day you gonna remember
in Copenhagen they’ll practice
the day for climate justice!

Tick, Tick, Tick – time flies!
Hey! Guitar-Hero! Can’t you see?
Tick, Tick, Tick – earth dies!
And you play on Play Station 3!

Climate change is a huge threat
for all future generations,
and if you’ve got a brain in your head
you shall forget all nations…

as there is JUST ONE EARTH for everyone
Sure, Guitar-Hero, to play is a lot of fun
But, we need justice for the climate –
before it is going to be to late!

If there is no EARTH TWO!
There is no second Life! No – where!
Become a Climate-Hero too
otherwise it’s „GAME OVER“!


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