Raj Patel – The value of nothing!

Raj Patel: The Value of Nothing-the $200 Hamburger

Raj Patel is one of the few people who has both worked at the World Bank, and been tear gassed protesting against it. An activist scholar, and author of Stuffed and Starved, Patel argues that markets are a beautiful thing, but that modern capitalism has gotten it all wrong. Patel’s new book, The Value of Nothing, aims to explain why Wall Street salaries rocket ever-skyward while 60 million Americans went hungry over Christmas. Patel also reflects on why climate change can’t be fixed by putting a price on pollution, and how the perks of becoming an American citizen include the freedom to get arrested for what you believe in.

Raj Patel – The Real Price of Food

Listen to the podcast of this interview via iTunes, or just click here to listen, right-click to download.


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