Tube Free toilet paper!

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tubex-largeThe humble toilet paper roll is due for an eco-friendly update. Meet Scott Naturals Tube Free toilet paper, a new brand debuting from Kimberly-Clark on Monday that’s missing one distinctive feature: the center tube. Yes, in distressing news to crafting kindergartners and gerbils everywhere, the brown cardboard core is nowhere to be found. It’s pillowy soft toilet paper the whole way down. Why the swap? USA Today reports some 17 billion of the cardboard tubes are produced each year in the United States, rolling up into 160 million pounds of trash. The newly-formulated roll, which Kimberly Clark says is bound using a new production process, manages to stay sturdy without the internal support. Company officials told USA Today that the roll will still fit in standard toilet paper holders – a fact that takes a load off of our mind. (via USA Today) Read more…


MacGyver employs his resourcefulness and his knowledge of chemistry, physics,[2] technology, and outdoorsmanship to resolve what are often life-or-death crises. He creates inventions from simple items to solve these problems. These inventions became synonymous with the character and were called MacGyverisms by fans.[28] MacGyver was unlike secret agents in other television series and films because, instead of relying on high-tech weapons and tools, he carried only a Swiss Army knife and duct tape but never a gun.[2] One episode shows the reason being that a boyhood friend of his was accidentally killed by a revolver he was not supposed to have. One other episode shows him only using a captured gun by taking it apart to use as a kind of wrench, with the trigger guard doing the job of shutting down a valve tap. In the opening gambit of the pilot episode, MacGyver is briefly seen shooting an AK-47 at a group of enemy soldiers before passing the gun off to the man he was rescuing. This is the only time MacGyver fired a weapon during the series.


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