Why should cars burn gasoline?

The Tesla Roadster isn’t just fun to drive – it provides exhilarating electric miles with technology more efficient than any other sports car. An engine dependent on combustion will never attain the efficiency of the Tesla electric powertrain. The driving efficiency of a Roadster is 88% compared to 20-25% for traditional gas-powered cars. The experience of beating an equivalent gas-guzzling sports car off the line is exhilarating – and using less energy to do it makes the Tesla grin that much bigger. While hybrid (including plug-in hybrids with “range extenders”) technologies increase the efficiency of internal combustion, they are still less efficient than an electric vehicle like the Tesla Roadster.

Tesla vehicles are the only cars that get more efficient from the moment they’re first driven. The Roadster charges with electricity from the grid – whether the grid is dominated by natural gas or coal, or increasingly by solar and wind energy. And as the grid shifts to increasingly efficient technologies, Tesla vehicles reap the efficiency benefits. The opposite is true of a gasoline-burning car, which get less and less efficient as it ages. Plus, a Tesla can be charged with electricity created from 100% renewable energy – no other sports car can say the same.




Nikola Tesla, inventor, physicist, and electro-mechanical engineer, was known as “The Wizard of the West”[1] and was instrumental in developing AC networks.

Three-phase rotating magnetic field




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