Between Sky and earth!

We often meet people who are very close to the land and who show a superior pure soul. Their aura has a sense of wisdom, which goes beyond the knowledge gained from books.

You only have to see the smile of a peasant, to feel the hospitality with which he invites you to cross his threshold, to taste his food and his wine which he offers you, to see the happiness with which he looks to his land, and maybe then you will begin to understand. The majority of Romanian Philosophers were born in the countryside but the thirst for knowledge and their wish to explore the secrets of the world caused them to leave their place of birth. Some opted for the European Philosophy, others chose oriental. But all of them evoke in their writings the nostalgia of the “lost paradise” and they again suffer painfully their distance from nature and from natural simplicity. What can be more natural than man in the middle of nature as an expression of the perfect cohabitation and his relationship to this sacred land which ” … is the flesh of our ancestors and the flesh of the trees ancestors”?

For there to be leaves, there must be branches. For there to be branches, there must first be trunks. For there to be trunks, there must first be roots. And for there to be roots there must first be land. Imitating the trees we try to reach the moon. But there is the danger that in forgetting our origins we will wake up at one moment in our evolution suspended forever between sky and earth. Only by respecting it and acknowledging its functions will we enjoybits fruits, but in damaging it, we also will be hurt.

It is a relationship in which there is no place for dishonesty because, in trying to cheat, we cheat ourselves!

ISBN 973-9295-74-6

Between Earth and Sky


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