Liquid Wood!

TECNARO GmbH develops, produces and markets ARBOFORM® (lat.: arbor — the tree), a sustainable thermoplastic material, with a capacity of 5,000t annual output at present, which can be increased easily.

ARBOFORM® is made from 100% renewable raw materials and, because of its origin and composition, is mainly used for injection moulded wood applications.

ARBOFORM® brings two industries together. It puts the wood processing industry in a position to make products with design geometries that in the past were only feasible economically with the use of plastics. And, conversely, it puts the plastics processing industry in the position to process the warm material wood just like a conventional thermoplastic material.

Quality principle Sometimes thermoplastic materials from renewable resources may exhibit considerable quality variation. But the matrix of ARBOFORM® consists of lignin, which is a byproduct in the cellulose pulping process and so is just as highly constant in its quality as the cellulose for papermaking.

The disposal of ARBOFORM® products is the same as for naturally grown wood, i.e. by decay or incineration. The amount of CO2 pollutant emitted in the process is no more than was previously fixed from the atmosphere by the plants while growing.

“ARBOFORM® is liquid wood”

Madera líquida sustituir plástico

It’s time for a change!

We need to think different!


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