Pope Benedict XVI – My Vatican!

HABEMUS PAPAM! And now what?


Join us as the heavy bronze gates of the Vatican City are thrown open for an exclusive tour of the worlds smallest state. There can be no greater guide than the man who knows the basilicas intricacies best: Joseph Ratzinger, better known to the world as Pope Benedict XVI. In this intimate documentary, he provides a first hand glimpse into life at the Vatican, where the Pope is absolute ruler and the official language is still Latin. From the archives of the Inquisition to the catacombs and museums, he guides us around numerous locations inaccessible to the public. Many have never been filmed before.

For centuries, the Catholic Church vigorously defended its monopoly on the truth. Authors who challenged its position found their books banned and followers excommunicated.

In 1559, Pope Paul IV published the first Index of banned books. “The index was a tool against the Reformation”, explains priest and historian Hubert Wolf. As well as targeting theology books, the Vatican also censored scientists and philosophers, including most notoriously – Galileo. But many of the books submitted for censorship were passed. Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ was approved because “Hitler was already Chancellor and state authority was considered God-given.” The list was finally abandoned in the late 60s but the Vatican still censors Catholic theologians who sway from the official line.


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