The Human Beat Box


In 2002, Zap Mama was featured in a ground-breaking documentary film, Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box, along with eminent hip hop artists like Doug E. Fresh and Rahzel and Scratch from The Roots. In the film, Zap Mama talks about the evolution of this musical form in a variety of cultures across the world.

Click here for more information on the film.

Check out a sample of Zap Mama’s beat boxing from Uncensored Interview.

Female Allstars live @ the Beatbox Battle Convention

Fati, Cheryl, Squeak and Steffe la Chef live at the 1st International Beatbox Battle Convention Days in Berlin, Germany. Maximum respect for the female beat box gilrs. The whole beatboxing music festival was produced and organised by Bee Low for Beatbox Battle Networks.



And all together now!


Joseph – The Best Beat Box…


…Or who is the best Beat Boxer in your opinion?

Please write a comment including the YouTube-Link!


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