KayJo’s HipHop Top 5!

How can you findout who makes the best clips?

Well, You can try to watch the YouTube-Clips -with the highest view-count and you might be disappointed. If you want to know what is really going on, you need to ask somebody who is independent and if it is about Hip-Hop you need to speak with people who LOVE MUSIC. Music is their LIFE! KayJo is somebody who has probably one of the biggest collections of HipHop Music from all over the world (in Switzerland)!

That’s why the TREEmagazine asked KayJo to choose the very best HipHop-Clips ever!

Here is the result: Enjoy it!


The Hip Hop Tree: Seeds, Essays and Thoughts

Combining a rich blend of essays and poems by representatives from the fields of journalism, activism, theater, film, science, art, law and the spoken word, The Hip Hop Tree offers a provocative take on a contemporary social expression in need of a larger perspective. With timely contributions from Bakari Kitwana, author of the era-defining “The Hip Hop Generation”, and outspoken activist and minister, Paul Scott, The Hip Hop Tree challenges both the Hip Hop and civil rights generations to explore the historic, cultural and musical dimensions of this modern-day phenomenon called Hip Hop.

The Hip Hop Tree is an extraordinary addition to the growing bibliography of work depicting this genre’s broad cultural dimensions. The Hip Hop and civil rights generations poetically converse with the ancestors within its outstretched limbs.”
—Hashim Shomari, former aide to a U.S. Senator, activist and author of From the Underground: Hip Hop Culture as an Agent of Social Change

“Without the “hip-hop is dead” cliches and revisionist history that mar many a work about this culture, The Hip Hop Tree is a fresh, fluid and enjoyable collection of serious work. For both the hip-hop outsider and insider, the claimant and the hater, this book places things in a necessary context—with style.”

Akiba J. Solomon, hip-hop journalist & cultural critic


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