Zoe Keating

https://i2.wp.com/www.zoekeating.com/images/publicity/Zoe_roof_hatch.jpgZoë Keating photo by Jeffrey Rusch

Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, to create lush, beautiful and otherworldy music.

Born in Canada and classically trained from the age of eight, Zoe spent her 20’s dabbling in computer software while moonlighting as a cellist in rock bands. Inevitably, she combined the two and developed her own signature style while improvising for late night crowds at her San Francisco warehouse.

Intel celebrated the launch of their 2nd Generation Core Processor by throwing a visually stunning after party at the Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which followed a very successful press event, hosted by Mooly Eden. Zoe Keating gives a live music performance and visual effects by Neon Golden.




She is certainly not the only one who likes to go into the TREES!?

What is your opinion about her newest album?

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