Black & White!

There are so many people who think in black and white. Yestrday, however I had the pleasure to meet several open-minded people who see the world in color – Full HD! As promised I am going to make a blog about black and white. Let’s see what the result will look like… If you have a special clip or some nice pictures you would like to share with the readers of the TREEmagazine you can just tweet me or drop me a line by e-mail.

By the way I’ve just checked the stats of this blog and I have to say that it is very nice to see that the readership is growing almost every day! On http://www.MyTree.TV you can find links for many documentaries, music and art! It is also including science and charity!

As you can see: It has got many branches your digital tree!

Feel free to watch http://www.MyTree.TV – Your personal Web-Filter with daily updates! 😎 Thanks for sharing your news about Music, Art and Charity! NAMASTE!


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Sticker: Tree of life.

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A Katrina Retrospect in Black & White (42min)

The Media claims the slow response to New Orleans, during Katrina, was a Racial issue. St Bernard Parish, a predominantly white community just five miles from the heart of New Orleans, was completely flooded 24 hours before New Orleans. People here had already drowned while the Media’s top story was the hole in the Superdome’s roof.

Ok. That’s it so far! Feel free to add any videoclip-links related with black and white in your comments…

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I am wondering if you dream in black & white or in color. Please write a comment...

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