Joelle’s Indie Top 6!

Joelle was asked by the TREEmagazine to make an indie Top 5-List! This was not an easy task at all! She had to choose the very best Indie-Songs ever. Independent music, is according to Wikipedia a subculture music that is independent of major producers; music of any genre can be labeled “indie” but it can also refer specifically to indie pop or indie rock… In my opinion she chose some great songs! If you think that something is missing in the list you can write a comment at the bottom of this blog-entry. MyTree.TV recommends the indie-feed for all music-lovers!

IndieFeed: Indie Pop Music


Joelle’s Indie Top 6:



By the way: Here is  the Video for CHOO CHOO’s new single “It’s a good Thing”.  “It’s a good Thing” is the first single outtake from the Band’s upcoming 2nd fullength studioalbum to be released in January 2011.

Here you can download “It’s a good Thing” for free:

And what do you think? Is it a good thing? Pleae leave a reply…


MyTree.TV has been filtering the web for you and found some interesing documentaries related to indie-music!

Here they are:

The Chicago Promoters Ordinance Kills Independent Music:

A Documentary from the Underground (1h)

We are living in a material world!

Record Deals (48min)

In this documentary, music makers hear from big name artists how hard it is to get into and get started in the industry of music:



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