Music From A Bonsai!



Diego StoccoI’m a sound designer and composer, I love to create new sound experiences in unusual ways. I create my sounds from different sources, it can be an object or something that I build from scratch.
I’m not a video professional but I enjoy putting together videos as support for my music and sound design. Sometimes I get ispired by an image and then I create the sounds, or thinking about a story helps me when I compose. Thanks for watching my videos, I hope you’ll enjoy them. I love the community here on Vimeo, I’ve been watching for a while before joining, really great videos, professionals and artists.

More pictures and composition can be found here:​DiegoStocco

Diego Stucco always liked bonsai trees, and was curious to try the approach he used for “Music from a Tree” on a smaller scale, so he bought a bonsai and recorded this little experimental piece:


By placing the customized stethoscope in contact with the trunk I was able to record a deep sound that I used as the kick drum.

I used this leaf to create different notes.

Here I was practicing the two notes I was playing on the leaf, the tricky part is that the pitch was determined not just from the position of my finger but also by the pressure I was applying.

Coffee break :  )

This is the MEAS piezo transducer attached to one of the twigs.

One of the bows I used, I got this one along with a cello miniature, I modified it a little bit to actually make it work.


Here you can see my other work “Music from a Tree”.

newTree homepage




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