Green heroes!

 Green heroes exist!

How green are you?

Let´s face the facts: The Marketing of many companies discoverd the green thing. When you see a car-adevertisment you think that butterflies are coming out of the exhauster and you should actually breath the CO2 with pleasure. However, a few human beings on this planet don´t believe all this bullshit! 

If you want to show how green you are, you can color your FaceBook-Profile-Picture and you can make a link to this blog-entry: ELECTROLUX has to pay for the damage of the ozone layer! And please also add a comment in order to show that you care!

Thanks for your support !

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for caring!

And keep it green!





A working class hero is something to be? Maybe & Maybe not! 

Who is your green hero?

Please write your opinion!

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