Make tea – not war!

The Man Who Drank The Universe

THE MAN WHO DRANK THE UNIVERSE A film by Brown Eyed Boy & Alistair Appleton A 30 min documentary following Alistair’s experiences with ayahuasca, a powerful plant medicine used for thousands of years by the Amazonian shaman. In October 2004, Alistair, a British TV presenter and till then, tee-total Buddhist, agreed to drink this hallucinogenic tea with 10 other participants under the watchful eye of Argentinian psychotherapist Silvia Polivoy. His life was about to change for good…

Lipton (Unilever)

Lipton is one of the world’s great refreshment brands, making a big splash in the global beverages market with tea-based drinks including leaf tea, infusions, ready-to-drink tea and other healthy, refreshing alternatives to soft drinks.

The market leader in tea based beverages

The brand has deep roots in tea culture of the GCC and has been sold in the region through agents as far back as the 1930’s. In the GCC, Lipton has become the undisputable market leader in the tea category with shares exceeding 70%.

Keeping it green

As well as enabling consumers to drink better and live better, Lipton is also good for the environment. Sustainable farming practices, both within our own and third party tea estates, is vital for our future. One example of the many environmental and ethical measures being taken is the ‘Trees 2000’ program in Kenya, which sees Lipton planting 40 000 indigenous trees every year to curb deforestation.


A range of recent tea  innovations, manufactured by Lipton Tea Factory in Jebel Ali, UAE, now the second largest tea manufacturing company worldwide,  have been  launched in the region to cater to changing and adventurous tastes. These include  green teas and a range of specialty teas with exotic fruit flavor varieties.

Leaf tea remains a local favorite in Arabian society  and Lipton is making it tastier and easier to make with innovations including Lipton Pyramid tea bags that give the leaves more room to move.

Key facts

  • tea is the world’s favorite beverage, after water
  • independent scientists also place leaf tea second only to water as the most ideal beverage in the world
  • all leaf teas are naturally zero calories and so can help with your weight management program
  • Lipton tea provides you with flavonoid antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought to help keep our body healthy by preventing every day wear and tear by free radicals
  • Lipton is the global market leader in both leaf and ready-to-drink tea, with a global market share nearly three times larger than its nearest rival  and is available in over 110 countries
  • Lipton Tea Factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai is the 2nd largest teabag factory worldwide
  • Lipton Tea Factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai, produces 5 billion tea bags a year in addition to packet & pyramid tea bags


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