Joelle’s Top 6 of the 80’s!

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Enjoy this treetastic 80’s PLAYLIST:

Again it wasn’t easy at all but Joelle did it! After her very sucessfull Indie-TOP-6-List here is her  brand new list of some fantastic  musicians from the 80’s!

Thank you Joelle for sharing your memories of the good old times with us!

Please enjoy Joelle’s TOP 6 of the 80’s as if it was yesterday and let us know what you think about her choice!

“I play in the low 80’s. If it’s any hotter than that, I won’t play.”

Joe E. Lewis quotes (American Comedian and Singer, 19021971)

“I think the kind of chronology of the whole thing was that I was making records in the 70’s and 80’s that used pop production values, but instrumental music; like improvising with R&B kinds of song structures, but with improvisation in them, and pop production values.”

David Sanborn

80's bad hair - the palm tree look

This handy dandy hairstyle is not just a fashion statement. No? No! It’s a spot for your next homework assignment. Yes? Yes! Tired of carrying around bulky school projects? Yes! Now just weave them into your hair! Welcome to paradise atop your head , complete with palm trees , jungle vines and a spot to put your oasis. It’s the future of fashion and function!


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