REM – Kunterbunte Geschichten (8/16)

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© Stefan Meichtry 2010 | Idea&Concept | SEM |
© Dieter Telfser 2011 | Visual Treatments |

Nachdem die kunterbunten REM-Bilder bei Pix-Mix gezeigt wurden, ist dies der achte von insgesamt 16 Beiträgen mit REM-Bildern, die von Dieter Telfser überarbeitet wurden. Zu jedem Bild wird auch ein Gedicht von Stefan Meichtry publiziert.

Unglaublich aber wahr! Es wurde schon ein Austellungsort gefunden. Bitte senden Sie keine Anfragen mehr. Zum gegebenen Zeitpunkt wird über Ort und Datum der Vernissage informiert. Der Erlös des Verkaufs dieser Bilder wird vollumfänglich an gespendet.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse!


Strange Fruit

© by Stefan{at}MyTree.CH 2011

Aren’t we all strange fruits?
Please tell me! Hey dudes!
Sometimes we just think that we are
something unique – something rare

so we think that what we plant
and what we grow
is our personal LIFE-show
but we don’t understand

even each other
the child doesn’t understand his mother
the mother doesn’t understand her father
but why should we butter?

This is the way it is
and it will stay this way
as long as we don’t find peace
in ourself. OK?

But to find peace
we should be able
to built a virtual tower of babel
and we should know what respect is

we shall stop the self-imposing
’cause in fact we are not much more
than absolutely NOTHING!
so why is life a bore

for so many fruits out there?
’cause they tend to forget at all
that sooner or later every fruit will fall!
Shouldn’t we take a little bit more care

for the people who are in need?
I mean a full bank-account
can’t be a seed!
We are all far too much bound

to materialistic concepts
and in this context
what will be next?
We can forget each and any text

if there is no-one to read it!
There is a spaceship called EARTH
and we need to feed it
and treat it like a nurse

is treating her patient
with caring LOVE
Like the one form the guy above
otherwise my friend,
this is just the beginning


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自業自得 Jigou Jitoku – You shall reap what you have sown.

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