REM – Kunterbunte Geschichten (10/16)

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© Stefan Meichtry 2010 | Idea&Concept | SEM |
© Dieter Telfser 2011 | Visual Treatments |

Nachdem die kunterbunten REM-Bilder bei Pix-Mix gezeigt wurden, ist dies der zehnte von insgesamt 16 Beiträgen mit REM-Bildern, die von Dieter Telfser überarbeitet wurden. Zu jedem Bild wird auch ein Gedicht von Stefan Meichtry publiziert.

Nein. Die Bilder können noch nicht gekauft werden. Erst nach der Austellung werden Sie grossformatig in limitierter Auflage erhältlich sein. Der Erlös des Verkaufs dieser Bilder wird vollumfänglich an gespendet.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse!



© 05.06.2007 14:12:30- 14:31:23 by Stefan{at}MyTree.CH

The only thing i wanted was a fusion!
And what did I get? Just a con-fusion!
Is real Love really just an illusion?
Are we meant to find, loose and move on?

Hey, please Come-on!
This can not be the solution!
Aren’t we meant to find, stay and walk together?
Well, I think this sounds much better!

But there is something we’ve got to understand
however, if we want to find the key
we need to spend a huge amount of energy
and if the only thing in your hand is sand

there is missing the moisture for the plant
which can only grow when there is enough
Love pure LOVE and nothing but LOVE
the energy who takes you both off and you’ll never land

You’ll probably land somewhere in the never-land
but is there someone who can understand
that fusion really works! It works in the sun!
Hello you stupid jerks! Come-on!

Fusion works and not only in the sun
souls can also melt together
and for those who are always on the run:
Fun is not just glue nor a little feather

that makes you giggle from time to time
and if you read this and you still have no clue
you need to know that everything will be fine
when you’re in love with someone who is laughing with you…

What Matters to You // Me?

If you don’t want to laugh, why don’t you give it a try with a smile 😉

If the whole world would smile together we would not need the militaries!

Keep laughing & keep it green!

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