Virtual Fundraiser Concert for Japan!

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Here’s Mariko playing Shimauta, a folksong from Okinawa, Japan. Mariko, you are an exceptional violinist, and an amazing person – we are very proud of you. 

Mariko’s family are all in Tokyo. She says:

“They were all in some troubles on the day of the earthquake, but they are fine apart from that. Japan is still in danger. 400 thousand people are still in shelters, and many of them lost their home. More than 10,000 people are dead or missing.”

Dear Japan (親愛なる日本)

A sudden minor shock or meaningless/meaningful interruption…here is a blip of the land of the rising sun. JAPAN!

Shot with the CANON 7D by Nathan Miller

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan – Swiss Solidarity opens donations account

The sheer scale of the disaster in Japan following the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe has also profoundly shocked the people of Switzerland. Swiss Solidarity is thus opening a donations account.

© keystone

As yet the Japanese government has not allowed any foreign aid organizations into the country but is being assisted by its national relief organizations. On-the-spot emergency aid is being directed by the Japanese government, which is regarded as one of the best prepared in the event of such a catastrophe.

Swiss Solidarity works exclusively together with Swiss relief organizations. With this donations account, Swiss Solidarity will initially pass on donations to Japanese relief organizations via the foundation’s partners – ADRA, Caritas, the Salvation Army and Swiss Red Cross.

Donations can be made to postal account 10-15000-6 endorsed «Japan» or online.

Let us give some light and some hope to the people from Japan!

Life is transparent, warm and swirls randomly like a soft light. And it constantly changes… Life illuminates itself and then it begins to illuminates a new life. A sprouted mass of innumerable lights become a flow before long, and then become the part of the life-throb of ages. That ties life, this moment now.

Director : Daihei Shibata
Piano : Naomi Yaguchi
Music : Debussy “clair de lune”

Who want’s to be in a Tokio Hotel?


The problems are quite BIG IN JAPAN!

Please copy and paste the Link of the video-clip which should be part of this virtual concert as a comment!

Thank you very much.

Arigatou gozaimasu



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