One Republic

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The performance of OneREPUBLIC @ the ZERMATT unplugged festival yesterday was very impressive and inspired me to write a poem. It’s unusual when a singer and songwriter explains why and how he wrote a song. There should be more bands explaining their message! And OneREPUBLIC has not only a TREE on their t-shirts they have already a message in their band-name! One Republic! WOW! This can be possible it’s up to all of us to make this vision come true!

“Everybody looks better in the dark!”

By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH 15.04.2011 – Dedicated to One Republic!

One Republic, one Country, One Nation
Well, this needs a lot of negotiation
A Dream, a Plan and an ambitious Goal
A candle as birght as a shining soul

Imagine there is going to be a war
and nobody at all would ever appear
Neither from near nor from far
It’s not a fairy tale – so shut up an hear

We just need a guitar , a piano, a cello
and 5 boys singing with one voice
a brother a friend a good fellow
On planet, One Earth, One human race!

OneRepublic “Good Life”

Dreams, and visions can come true!



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