Good bye nuclear power, hello future!

Moby – The Day – Good bye nuclear power, hello future!

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This is my Video-Clip for the Challenge below…

Hello Future!

Every day when I wake up I can see the solution of all the energy-problems up there in the sky! And every day I ask myself why aren’t we using the power of the sun in a more sophisticated way? To make this Video-Clip I used my old Camcorder and switched to the mirror mode. Symmetry is very important and we shall learn much more from the nature! In the video you can see how it looks like when you drive from ZĂĽrich to Winterthur on a sunny day. The public transport in Switzerland works pretty well and yet there is the big issue of the energy. The day when we can catch the power of the sun to move trains and even to fly around will be the day when I say good bye nuclear power, hello future!

In the original video-clip the story is about a sick lady in a hospital and in fact this sick lady is our mother earth! But who will be the angel who can devend us from all evil? Who?

Isn’t there a little eco-angel in all of us?

Moby ‘The Day’ Official video featuring Heather Graham

Moby ‘The Day’ Behind The Scenes

Moby sings “The Day” against US budget cuts

Multi-award winning recording artist and activist Moby took to the web this week to show his support for a campaign organized by MoveOn that asks for those angered with Republican budget proposals to fast as a form of protest. Though it won’t be officially released until next month, Moby provided MoveOn with his new single “The Day” to serve as a backdrop to a video the organization produced to raise awareness of its recent campaign. Moby was one of around 30,000 people who fasted in protest of the Republican-backed budget.

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