Joy Valencia!

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It’s quite easy to produce a fantastic video-clip if you have a great voice, a good song, an experienced film-crew and a lot of money. Joy Valencia managed to organize all ingredients to bake the cake! This is the proof that you can realize your vision! She is a shining example of somebody who has not only a fantastic voice but also the inspiration and creativity to spread her message. I am very glad that I met her via twitter… She has more than 12’000 followers and if each follower would donate just 1$ she would have enough money to produce her next video-clip(s)! If you want you can support Joy and make a donation…

Here is how she did the fundraising:

And here is the result… There is just one comment: WOW!

Director: Erin E. Cantelo, Cinematographer: Christian Sprenger, Executive Producer: Nick Bonomo & Higher Than Pope, Editor: Brad Besser, Production Designer: Elvis Restaino, Wardrobe: Eleanor Estes, Hair & Makeup: Shauna O’Toole, VFX: David Lewandowski & Jeffrey Max, DIT/Red Tech: Chris Hoyle, Line Producer: Miguel Perez & Jorge Kriemer, 1st AD: Cassandra Laymon, Gaffer: Brandon Wilson, Key Grip: Mark Duncan, 1st AC: Alyssa Soetebier, 2nd AC: Jacqueline Stahl, Runner: Jono Matt, “Glitterfoot” and Crew Morale Champion: Colin Blake. Song written, produced, & performed by Joy Valencia & Alejandro Valencia. Drums by Felipe Ceballos.


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