Win an Ecobear!

If you post the correct answers to the following questions on the FaceBook-Wall of the EcoBears you can win this lovely MyTree.TV-EcoBear:


“Name five products that can be made from industrial hemp.”

“What was the name of the very first Ecobear ever made, and what was his date of birth?”

About Ecobears

Ecobears are custom handmade soft toys using natural hemp, and created using solar energy.

Yvonne has been designing and creating Ecobears since 1996. Her main motivation for sewing these unique characters is to raise an awareness of sustainable natural hemp and solar energy.  Ecobears began life, many years ago, as a combination of two passions – soft toy making and environmental interest.
Each Ecobear is individually handmade using sewing machines powered by energy from solar panels. The bears help promote the idea that we can use more alternative energy in our everyday lives, wherever we live in the world.
Ecobears are made from very special materials, which combine natural hemp with mungo (wool fibres obtained from cloth) & shoddy (shredded wool from old cloth). These vintage fabrics were made in 1993. Other natural/recycled and specialist materials, such as mohair, are carefully chosen to create the bears.
Ecobears are excited about their forthcoming children’s book – to be published later this year. ‘The Ecobears’ blends action & adventure with a lesson about caring for the planet, and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We’re also working on our Ecobears Video Game – where you can help the Ecobears save planet Earth from pollution.


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