Donate your old mobile phone and put a smile on children’s faces

Swisscom takes its social and environmental responsibility seriously and actively supports people who are socially disadvantaged or in need. With the proceeds from the Swisscom Mobile Aid campaign, which is set to take place from 12 to 30 November, we are helping to secure a solid education for 1,000 children at an SOS Children’s Villages school in Harar, Ethiopia.

Hand in your old mobile phone and support SOS Children’s Villages

Founded in 1964, SOS Children’s Villages finances SOS children’s villages and other institutions around the globe. SOS Children’s Villages puts a roof over the head of children in need in over 130 countries and fosters their ongoing education and development.

How will the proceeds of the campaign be used?

In Harar, one in ten children grows up without a mother or father. They face a grim life on the streets and often fall victim to begging, child labour, exploitation and prostitution. The family-based care provided by SOS Children’s Villages and a solid education can help turn their lives around and open the door to a brighter future.

The proceeds from the sale of the old mobile phones you donate will help support the children at the SOS Children’s Villages school in Harar, Ethiopia. The school provides around 1,000 children with a solid education. The sale of a single mobile phone can buy school books and writing supplies for up to 25 schoolchildren.


Do your bit:

Look for your old mobile phone at home.

Take the device to your
nearest k kiosk or
Swisscom Shop.

Support SOS-Children’s
Villages give children
a brighter future.

Celebrities are helping out by making donations
Put your old mobile to good use


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