Cambodia Hyperlapse – Keep your eyes open!

Good luck to Claudia from ““who is in Cambodia right now…

Eyes Open is convinced that sustainable progress can be achieved when people in these countries seek to induce change themselves and by their own efforts. However, for most projects, there is simply a lack of available funds.

A blind man sees more than the seeing
and not everyone who closes his eyes is blind.

Not everyone who cries out, has something to say
and  a silent person is heard more loudly.

A deaf person sees more than someone who can hear,
and not everyone who stays silent is mute.

 Not everyone who stays behind is unable to walk
and someone who is lame can go further than others.

 Someone who is sick lives a long life,
and not everyone who is healthy is spared by fate.

 Some must change their perspective,
since not everyone is as they seem.

 – Silvia Segner –





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