Keep Calm & Chill out!

Here are two treetastic Chillout-Playlists.

Whenever you are stressed you can click on one of them and chill out!

Take it easy but take it!

(Intermediate Level) We begin with the Forward Bend Series that helps relieve stress, stimulates the liver and kidneys along with reducing fatigue and anxiety, and increases overall flexibility. After this series, we move into a series of beautiful balancing poses. When doing each balancing pose make sure to place your foot down fully from heel to splayed toes to ensure a strong and steady balancing leg. Yoga balancing poses are great for improving leg strength and stability, as well as increasing your body awareness. If you are a beginner/have trouble balancing on one leg, use a wall to support yourself and use your free hand/hands to help balance you. You can work your way up to doing them freestanding. If you are a beginner/have limited flexibility make sure to have a yoga belt handy to help you do the Standing Forward Bend Series. Remember Yoga is not a competition and that you are doing Yoga for yourself to help improve your overall well-being in life. By doing these asanas naked it will help increase your body awareness and increase your self-acceptance of who you are now in the moment.

Namaste. In this video you will learn the following asanas: Uttanasana Prep Stretches into
Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Prep Stretches into Standing Forward Bend),
Utthita Bakasana (Standing Crane), Garudasana (Eagle), Natarajasana (The Dancer),
Natyasana (Ballet Pose), Vrksasana into Ardha Vrksasana (Tree into Bonsai).

In yoga, the tree pose is an excellent exercise to use for improving balance and alignment.
Practice the tree pose with tips from a yoga instructor in this free video on yoga exercises.
Expert: Linda Black


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