Katzenjammer – I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)

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ganz unten das offizielle Musikvideo. Super!

In our cold and empty house
I lingered now for far too long
I vainly held the rosary
To pray you’d stay with me a while

But nothing seems to keep me here
The way it used to do before
This time it’s me that’s leaving you
I’ll never turn around

Cause when the laughter’s gone
I know I must be moving on

And I will dance when I walk away
Oh, I’m gonna sing
I won’t beg or pray
I will dance when I walk away
Oh, I’m gonna sing
I won’t beg or pray
No more

(Verse 2)
I’m standing at the crossroads now
The fields of opportunity
I’m ready to go anywhere
I’m full of hope and full of fear

And bridges back have all been burned

And freedom has been duly earned
I’ll remember why I’ve gone

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    • Liebe Steff,

      Wann kommst Du mal nach Bern?

      Ihre Hinfahrtmöglichkeiten
      Start/Ziel Verbindung Datum Zeit Dauer Produkte
      Köln Hbf
      Bern 1 2 3 Fr, 24.05.13
      Fr, 24.05.13 ab
      an 13:55
      18:56 5:01 ICE
      Köln Hbf
      Bern Mittelklasse; PKW Diesel EURO 4; 5:49 PKW
      Köln Hbf
      Bern Flug von Koeln/Bonn Airport, Cologne nach Zurich Airport.
      3:38 Bahn, Flugzeug, Bahn

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