Chateau Marmont – Everybody Is Somebody

What a #treetastic video-clip:

Chateau Marmont est de retour. Et pour leur deuxième album, qui sortira le 30 mars prochain, le duo français s’est offert un univers graphique tout neuf, aux influences hindouistes. Entretien avec celle qui se cache derrière ce trip, la réalisatrice Marion Dupas.

Il y a deux ans, Chateau Marmont dévoilait Maze, un tout premier album sur lequel on découvrait leur douce pop électronique. Aujourd’hui, le groupe français est de retour. Et, bien qu’il ait perdu deux de ses membres en route (Raphael Vialla et Julien Galinier sont les seuls rescapés), il n’a rien perdu de sa créativité. Preuve en est : le duo dévoilera le 30 mars prochain un second album au nom exotique, Sound of Shambala. (…) Entre animations et divinités indiennes, le nouveau clip de Chateau Marmont


Chateau Marmont (there were initially four of them, but only two remain today,as if the others had been lost along the way in the maze of the legendary LosAngeles hotel) have been taking us by surprise for ten years now. We knew them as devotees of a very prog-rock school firmly rooted in the 70s, Californian languor, analogue sound and modular synths, like a dream encounter between Jean-Michel Jarre and Steely Dan. But then their first album, “The Maze”, spectacularly exploded all those clichés two years ago and raised the bar a notch. On it, Chateau Marmont positioned themselves as today’s greatest heirs to a brilliant tradition of melodies and arrangements made in France, a science that naturally draws its inspiration as much from the lega cies of Michel Colombier and Gainsbourg as from Michel Magne or Francis Lai.
The Marmonts make no secret of their love of pop in all its forms. When we listen to the projects (Glass Figure, Exotica, Stella Le Page, Kiddy Smile and Aquaserge) developed by the Marmonts’ own label, Chambre 404 – projects that stretch their experimental tastes to the limits – that love of pop shines through, as does the Marmonts’ acceptance of their role as the Paris and French scene’s most popular producers.

Right from the start of “Sound Of Shambala”, Chateau Marmont’s second album, we realize the duo have now decided to carry us away into a new, dancefloor galaxy.

« The original ideal for this albm was to make modern music with vintage machines. Re-create with 70s 80s electronic instruments this type of music that is usually done on a computer in a home studio.
Half of this record relies on collaborations with producers, arrangers, musicians, singers. Its something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, explore new horizons and mostly share the musical worlds of others. In a general way, we wanted to make things in a fresher way, less intellectual than the last record ».

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