Wavering Water

Serenading Sustainability

Water is one of the largest issues regarding sustainably. It not only affects poorer nations such as Africa in the Sahara, but even the richest most powerful countries suffer, illustrated in California, USA, and Murray-Darling Basin, Australia. Climate change and population increases is the significant drivers of this, and this is slowly being recognised through large individual powers such as Barack Obama, although is still not identified by others such as UKIP’s Nigel Farage…

“But wait a minute, we have water, therefore climate change doesn’t exist”

            California is currently experiencing its worst drought in over 1,200 years, with over 40 million people being affected, as this drought has continued for 4 years. In one of the most powerful and richest countries, you would expect that it would be easily manageable, however the force of nature is proving its worth. Scientists estimate that many reservoirs only have enough water remaining…

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