Shut The Flush Up

bcorp-handbook-header“Your kids and your grandkids will demand more from work than a paycheck. They will demand a purpose. They will demand more from business than products that are made cheap, fast, and disposable. They will demand products and services that create a positive impact in the world.”

We have all experienced the cultural shift from a maximizing short-term shareholder value to boosting long-term shared value. The mentality has changed and there is no looking back. The B Corp Handbook, is a great resource to understand the “Caring Capitalism” revolution through the eyes of businesses like Patagonia, Ben and Jerry, and Etsy.

The B Corp movement has quickly become a relevant business standard, poised to have a similar impact to Fair Trade and USDA organic. On April 16th, Etsy became only the second for-profit company to go public out of more than 1,000 companies that have that certification, and it created a…

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