Business Model Innovation

Rapid Innovation in digital time

tandemmagazine.netA rising topic

According to Google Books Ngram Viewer (charting frequencies of a specific sentence using yearly count of n-grams in books), business model innovation topic is rising up since 2000.

BMI ngram viewer

It corroborates the fact that the reference tool for business model, the Business Model Canvas, just came recently out: the book Business Model Generation was published by Alex Osterwalder in 2009.

So if you’re a starter in business model innovation, don’t freak out: there aren’t centuries of litterature about it!

In France,  BPI (public investment Bank for innovation)  included in 2014 business model innovation in its innovation new generation typology. Buisness model innovation is listed among marketing and commercial innovation, product and service innovation, technological innovation, process and management innovation, and social innovation, and it includes collaborative economy.

Sorting creative Business Models

Digital industry is a boiling industry for innovative business models. We found many recent…

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