Colors… part 6…

Pouring My Art Out

Here are some photos of Switzerland to look at while we ponder how color is such an important part of the way we see the world around us…

a 1 a 1 copy

That is the Matterhorn… but I took away all the color from that picture except the clouds and the mountain itself.

a 1 a 1 a copy

What if I leave the blue in the sky?

a 1 a 1

Do the colors in the foreground distract from the main focus point of this image, or do you naturally let your gaze be drawn to the obvious purpose of the image? Did you spend as long looking at the buildings when they had no color?

a 1 a 2 copyI love this picture of a Swiss castle… and I really love doing these pictures where I only leave some flowers with colors…

a 1 a 2

Be honest… did you notice that there is another small window box of flowers under the window to the right when they had no color?

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