The All You Can Eat Issue

CJ Eller

In a Spotify, mixtape, Youtube, and shuffle world, buffet style consumption is the norm. Buffets are smorgasbords of possibility where any and everything is on the table for you: pizza and gyros and ice cream sundaes, Led Zeppelin and Beethoven and Kraftwerk.

Variety is the crux of the buffet style. It is, however, its fault as well. One only gets a taste of something before moving on to another taste. There isn’t an incentive to savor the cornbread when the salad and pork chops are glistening for attention. There isn’t time to savor the salad and pork chops when the parfaits and baklava are calling you to swoon from their sugary siren song.

The only thing we get is full. Not satisfied, not content, but stuffed: regret mixed with misery and over saturation. Music becomes a wash. Even at local shows, say with a five band line up, all you…

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