The Smart White Cane

Sounds quite useful!

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Finally, something that makes a perfect sense in the world of ridiculous and even bizarre smart inventions. We have decided to take care of others for a moment, rather than to feed our vanity with the annoying selfie helpers. So, what is this new smart invention all about?

You can rest assured that as soon as you hear a story, it is going to steal away a tear from your eye. We are talking about a smart white cane, which can become a life changing tool for any blind person. It is worth mentioning that a couple of team members, who invented it, have people with eyesight problems in the family.

So, how does it work? This smart-white-cane comes with a powerful facial recognition system. As soon as some of the family members or friends approaches a blind person, who uses this smart white cane, thanks to a Bluetooth connection…

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