Think climate change will be good for plants? Think again


Heads up, plants: Climate change is winding up for a one-two punch right in the stomata.

The first — a left jab, if you will — comes in the form of a shorter growing season. In the latest issue of the journal PloS Biology, researchers report that the world may be warming, but that doesn’t mean the Arctic is about to become the new California. Here’s more from Scientific American:

“There is more to climate change than just temperature,” says Camilo Mora, an assistant professor of geography at the University of Hawaii in Mānoa, who led the work. Drought and limited sunlight will undermine any gain from a warmer atmosphere. By 2100, Mora says, “there could be an 11 percent reduction in the plant growing season worldwide.”

Why did Mora decide to study changes in growing seasons? Funny story:

In 2013 Mora published a high-profile study in Nature showing that climate change would harm plants…

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