On my bookshelf: “Steal like an artist”

A little popcorn

“Steal like an artist”, Steal_Like_an_Artist_10_Things_Nobody_Told_You_About_Being_Creative_Austin_Kleon_Bookcommonly described as “the” creativity manifesto for the digital age, is a simple, direct and humble approach to the creative process. We tend to have this perception that the people who create great works of art are geniuses and one can only dream about reaching their level of creativity. Austin Kleon, demystifies that; he states that “nothing comes from nowhere”, everything that we create is based on something that already exists. What happens is that we integrate that idea into who we are and the experiences we had. He doesn’t exactly mean “steal” as “plagiarize”; he means it as learn from others, copy their style, educate yourself (whether you’re in school or not), develop your hobbies… Surround yourself with great ideas and influences, then transform (don’t imitate!) those ideas into your own and “add something to the world that only you can add”.

-Steal like an artist-

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