Copyright vs Evolution: the battle?

ModernTime Blog

Recently, Taylor Swift has criticised the trial programme of Apple for failing to pay artists for 3 months while she trademarked phrases like ‘this sick beat’, ‘nice to meet you, where you been?’ or ‘party like it’s 1989’. In this case, IP creates an interesting question: how far is far enough when it comes to protection of personal property? For year, copyright was pushed to limits that are now too extreme. The protection of artists overcomes anything you would normally expect when it come to protection, e.g. in some jurisdictions moral rights last forever and, almost in every jurisdiction, copyright lasts 70 years after the death of the author. If you are an artist, this may seem reasonable, but is it so? I think that work should be compensated and that innovation should be encouraged, however, where should we draw the line? She claims that this is for the…

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