Texting Lanes Are Now A Thing| By |Keith Paul


Caution: Pedestrian Texting

So for years now, those of us of an age have been griping noticing that our societal peers are devoting way too much of their attention to their smartphones. There have been funny and curious ways we deal with this, but none as awesome as dedicated walking lanes!

Whether it’s teens or young adults seemingly ignoring each other (in favor of their phones) while out it public, or a driver foolishly texting on the road, or folks interrupting live interactions to answer a text or even a call!

We see it all the time. There are even fun games to play when out with friends… stack your phones on the table and the first one to grab theirs also grabs the check!

Consumers want to engage with brands and enterprises on their own terms – increasingly ‘in the moment’ and mobile 3

I get it. I think back to my…

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