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DJI Phantom 3 Professional 8/10 Wired

Much easier to fly than not only the previous models, but competitors too. Produces higher quality, more stable videos. Improved controller makes it easier to fly and to shoot images.


Indoor flight is still difficult. Camera gimbal doesn’t swivel, and the camera still isn’t removable.

DJI’s drones weren’t the first ones to start buzzing around overhead. But as the popularity of remote-controlled quadcopters has continued to grow among consumers, DJI’s Phantom series of drones appears to be on its way to ruling the skies. Chat with a drone pilot at your local park—chances are, they’re flying a Phantom.

There’s good reason for their popularity. Phantoms are relatively cheap, they’re simple to operate, and the cameras that come attached to their bellies produce great images and videos.

The recently launched Phantom 3, the latest model, extends all of these strengths. The Phantom 3…

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