3D Printed Toys: A New Trend Offering Entertaining Playing Experience| By |John Smith


The US toy industry is largely underrated. The market analysts often forget to refer to it and keep it sidelined for no justified reasons. The latest retail sales data, however, implies it has a bright prospect.

The data gathered by the NPD Group shows in 2014, the toy industry garnered $18.08 billion, an increase of 4% from 2013. While that’s promising, the toy industry alone is not the subject of today’s discussion. Our discussion will center around its marriage with 3D printing.

What the marriage spells out?

3D printing seems to be polygamous. It already tied the knot with several other industries such as hydrographic printing, aeronautical engineering, etc. The toy industry was hitherto left out, but not anymore. 3D is having a smooth time making inroads into it for reasons below:

  • Toys are plastic made and small, it’s easy to 3D print them.
  • Kids can present their ideas…

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