Being a Model for your Students: Innovation in the Classroom

Young Teachers Collective

By: Karin Hogen

It’s fair to say that young teachers, especially those teachers who are passionate about what they do, quite easily embrace “teacher” as their whole identity. No longer are we a foodie, or a person from a particular state, or so-and-so college alumnus, or voracious reader, or nerd when we introduce ourselves. No. We are teachers.

It is what we do, day in and day out. Lesson planning, worrying about a student, thinking about how to incorporate a new tool, writing a new grant, learning a new pedagogical strategy: those are the things that young, passionate teachers do. We want to be model teachers who work diligently and inquisitively to make sure each of our students reaches their full potential.

One of these many pedagogical facts that we know to be true, especially we who embrace the teacher identity to its fullest, is that modeling is important. We…

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