Goole’s new Project to Offer Free Super Fast Wi-Fi Internet

Engineering Researches & Innovation

Think about a City with a Free High Speed Wi-Fi Internet. Yes FREE Wi-Fi. That would be heaven on Earth 😀
Now this is not just a imagination anyways, Google has unveiled its great new plan to bring, Free, Super Fast Wi-Fi to cities all around the world.

Wi-Fi Internet Wi-Fi Internet

Google own a company “Sidewalk Labs“, that focus on improving life of city through technology and innovation.
Company has announced they will roll out free WiFi to every one in The New Your Cityaround September of this year.

How Will Company do this?

Google’s SideWalk Lab will convert more than 10,000 New York’s old telephone booth into ad-supported “Wi-Fi Pylons”. This means Google will Generate Revenue by Advertisement.

Free WiFi in NYC Free WiFi in NYC

These booth will offer Free High Speed Wi-Fi Internet access to every one Around the Radius of 150 Feet.

Free Wi-Fi Zone around 150 ft. Wi-Fi Zone

SideWalk Labs is…

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