Organizing for Game Changing Innovation| By |Steve McGrath


game changer

The notion that innovation is a key driver of top-line growth and total shareholder return is widely accepted among business leaders everywhere – as evidenced by their ongoing (and escalating) commitment to investment in innovation initiatives and new product development.

The case for more radical, Game Changing innovation, the kind that ushers in new business models and in the process disrupts entire industries, is even more compelling. The top 10 “unicorns”, venture-backed companies such as Uber, Xiaomi, Snapchat, Flipkart and Palantir, have created a combined market capitalization in excess of $180 billion and have done so at unprecedented speed.

Top-tier innovation leaders such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon illustrate, year after year, the power of effective innovation programs in driving superior growth in revenues and shareholder returns. Growth stories such as these are not confined to the technology sector nor to just startups and industry insurgents. Incumbents, such as…

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