The story of #Federer – no – #Bottled #Water

The Story of Bottled Water

How much does it cost to put a bottle of Water on the table in front of Roger Federer and the other guys in Wimbledon? If you consume this water somwehere else than in EVIAN (France) directely fom the tap you are quite stupid (honestly there is no other word) and you support crazy things like this:

‘Just Add Water’ – Evian at Wimbledon 2008

you also support this when you buy Evian-Water:

Baby & me / the making of

Evian & Rizzle Kicks – ‘Tell Her’ ft. Maria Sharapova

Two Minutes with Maria Sharapova

YOU PAY THEIR MARKETING and the transport of water all around the planet!

If you drink Evian-Water or if you wear a ROLEX or one of the following brands you are indirectely supporing events like Wimbledon.


All big sporting events need their sponsors so that they can cover the huge cash prizes awarded to the winners. If you lose in the first round of Wimbledon then you are guaranteed a cheque of at least twenty five thousand pounds. This goes up incrementally to the winner who receives 1.6 million pounds which is well over 2 million dollars. Sponsors will normally become patron of an event for a number of years and inject large sums of money to be associated with the event [].

You decide where your money goes!




Viva con Agua Schweiz
Viva con Agua (VcA)

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