A Taste of Change – Hans Rudolf Herren

Biodiversity as the Key to Food and Nutrition Security

Hans Rudolf Herren is President of Biovision Foundation and Millennium Institute and World Food Prize laureate.

How to Avert a Food Crisis by Hans Herren

When today’s toddlers are parents themselves, they will face an agricultural crisis. The world population will reach 9 billion. A growing global middle class will demand more food. And climate change will leave farmers holding seeds that won’t sprout. By 2050, will our global appetite outgrow our agricultural capacity? We held an event to find out how everyone—growers, technologists, governments, business leaders, and carbon-conscious consumers—will be part of the solution.

Hans Herren: Business as usual is not an option

Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren is the 1995 World Food Prize Laureate, and President of the Biovision Foundation and the Millenium Institute. In this interview, Herren explains the process that led to the International Assessment for Agricultural Science & Technology for Development (IAASTD) and the concept behind the Multifunctionality of Agriculture.


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