How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Be bold! Move out of that comfortable existence that you are perpetuating and throw away the mundane approach of being the middle-of-the-road manager that you find comfort in.

How else are you going to make the next career move? And the one after that? And the next one after that?

Successful managers set themselves apart from others through being different and by TRYING OUT DIFFERENT APPROACHES.

Try a few of these and experiment with them;

  • Give rising stars the chance to shine and take the limelight
  • Think about ways of sharing ideas across the whole organisation
  • Make sure that the processes for getting good ideas shared widely are in place
  • Get the team to step away from their individual comfort zones
  • Avoid tidy and neat solutions that are easy to implement and manage – that way lies mediocrity
  • Recruit unusual people and not the…

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