Passion and innovation – two sides of the same coin?


coin 1

I am beginning to think they may well be, though my observations are in no way scientific. Indeed they are largely anecdotal, but I have observed particularly in recent years how some people have surged forward with their businesses. Having a ‘strong central idea’, coupled with the ability and maybe ‘passion’ to innovate and the ‘passion’ to share their idea with others.

It may well be that their ‘strong central idea’ is rooted in a story that quite possibly started in childhood.

It seems to me that these individuals with their deep and long lasting passion for their craft, product or service seem also to have a wealth of ideas for developing and extending that self-same craft, product or service. It may also be that the ‘passion’ and enthusiasm they ‘give out’ is ‘infectious’ and brings forth ideas and opportunities from others.

Whatever the exact mechanics, these individuals seem almost…

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