Why all the injustice?

♡Life is super Kawaii♡

We live in a hierarchal society which is doused with patriarchy and hegemonic structures. It’s so embedded into our minds it’s something we can easily forget, we go on living our lives under the thumb of the elites. But it’s something that we should be thinking about because our human rights are being disregarded by those who feel they can get away with it because they have power.

These aggressive thoughts of the inequalities of society has been brought on by an article I read posted by the BBC about Cyril Smith. He was a liberal MP who, in the eighties, was caught up in an investigation of sex abuse. Evidence was gathered against him, including video footage of the former MP in the act. He was arrested, but very soon after, a senior officer forced the undercover team to hand in all of their evidence, and the case was scrapped…

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